If I wanted to rent the entire home, how much would it cost per month?


Monthly rental for the entire home is $3060.00 per month. All rentals are month-to-month.  A deposit of $500.00 is required reserve your requested dates with the balance due prior to the Start Date. Request a copy of our Rental Contract to view the Cancellation Policy regarding refunds.


Can I make payment arrangements?


All rental payments are to be made in full on the 1st day of each month. There is a 5-day grace period before daily penalties are accessed. You may request a copy of the Rental Agreement at anytime.

Why is the cost per night of the Charleston Suite (MBR) $5.00 more than the other two bedrooms?


The Charleston Suite has a private bath w/Garden Tub, Toilet Stall, Walk-in Closet and a 55” Flat Screen TV. Bedrooms #2 & #3 are smaller and share the Hall Bath. Additionally, the Tenant occupying the Charleston Suite has exclusive parking rights to the Garage. Please note that the Charleston Suite is rented on a “first come “ basis if bedrooms are rented separately and defaulted to the Primary Tenant if the Entire Home is rented.


Can I save by renting the Entire Home?


Yes… check-out our Pricing page for price comparisons that can result in substantial savings.


My spouse and I are traveling together. Can we share a bedroom?


A  If you can show that you both currently reside at the same permanent address, then you both can occupy the same room at no extra charge. If on the other hand, you are renting the entire home, it would not matter.

If I am currently renting Bedroom-2 or Bedroom-3, can I upgrade to the Master Bedroom when it becomes available?


A  Yes, providing you have a minimum of thirty (30) days remaining on your contract. We recommend that you request the upgrade by email as many days in advance as you can prior to the current occupant’s checkout date. Or you can simply text your request to to the primary contact (Art). Your dates would immediately become unavailable to anyone else including the Tenant currently occupying the Master Bedroom.


How do I gain access to the home?


A  The last four digits of your cell phone number is programmed in the electronic front door and interior garage  door lock. Only the Guest renting the Charleston Suite is provided with a garage door opener. The overhead garage door key pad is programmed for owner-use only Please do not attempt to change the code.

How do I secure my personal belongings when I am working?


Each bedroom door is equipped with its own keyed entry lock. Keys are issued at the Start Date and returned by the Tenant at the End Date after an inspection is conducted. Spare keys are located on the outside of each room in lock boxes That require a unique 3-digit code issued to each Tenant. Your privacy and security is important to us.


Does the home have security Cameras?


Yes… but only on the outside front area of the home to ensure your safety and security.

Q  Am I covered for accidental damages during my stay?


Yes. You are covered for minor accidental damages under $ 100.00.


Q  How Often is the home cleaned?

A  General Housekeeping in the Common Areas is performed by the Owner every time a Tenant checks-out or once a month in the case of the Entire Home being rented by the Primary Tenant. All common areas are cleaned free of charge. Tenants are responsible for cleaning their private bedrooms. Bedrooms will always be inspected prior to checkouts.

Say I recruit two other nurses to rent the Entire Home; do they pay their share individually or am I responsible for collecting their share of the rent and paying it?


A  The Primary Tenant is responsible for paying the entire rent on-time which is the 1st of each month. Partial months are prorated using the default 30-day month calculation. Additionally, each Tenant has the same check-out date established in the Rental Agreement by the Primary Tenant.